Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

8 Oct /12

Taverna Server 2.4.1 release

The myGrid team are pleased to announce the release of Taverna Server 2.4.1

This is the second release of the new Taverna 2.4 Server. We welcome feedback on both the things that are there and the things that are not.

Key Features

  • Runs arbitrary Taverna 2 workflows
    • Based on Taverna 2.4
  • REST and SOAP interfaces
    • All functionality available through both interfaces
  • Manages files for workflows
    • Make files, read files, delete files
    • Create subdirectories, list directory contents
    • Can download a whole directory structure as a ZIP
  • Tidies up when workflow runs expire
    • Expiry time fully configurable
    • Can force immediate deletion of a workflow run
  • Security
    • Encrypted communication supported
    • Multiple users
      • Users isolated from each other (via sudo)
      • Workflows isolated from server
      • Users may grant access to other users
    • Specify credentials for workflows to access back-end services
  • Notification framework
    • Inform users when workflows terminate
      • Many protocols: Atom feed, email, SMS, Twitter, Jabber
  • Management interface
    • Administrative access to all server’s tunable parameters
      • Authenticated web interface, JMX
    • Usage monitoring/accounting
  • General quality improvements
    • Improved robustness
      • State can persist over (limited) server restarts
    • Improved installation
      • Self-contained server package
    • Support for transfer of large data files

Planned Future Features

  • Support for Cluster Deployment
  • Access to Provenance
  • Support for Interacting with Workflows

Specific Issues Addressed in This Release

See http://www.mygrid.org.uk/dev/issues/browse/TAVSERV