Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

17 Jul /13

myGrid and Taverna at ISMB 2013 (and BOSC 2013)

The myGrid team will be attending ISMB 2013 and BOSC 2013 and taking part in a range of activities; giving talks, presenting posters, participating as panel members and workshop organisation. A particular highlight will be a keynote talk on Tuesday 23 July by Professor Carole Goble the myGrid and Taverna leader.

  • OpenBio Codefest 2013, myGrid and Taverna represented by Stian Soiland-Reyes, 17-18 July
  • “myExperiment Research Objects: beyond workflows and packs”, talk at BOSC by Stian Soiland-Reyes, Friday 19 July, (a poster will be on display also)
  • “Taverna Components: Semantically annotated and shareable units of functionality”, talk at BOSC by Donal Fellows, Saturday 20 July, (a poster will be on display also).
  • “Strategies for Funding and Maintaining Open Source Software”, panel member at BOSC, Professor Carole Goble, Saturday 20th July.
  • “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF”, Workshop at ISMB, Professor Carole Goble is one of the organisers of this workshop, Monday 22 July
  • “Taverna Online – with metagenomic examples”, technology track talk at ISMB by Katy Wolstencroft, Monday 22 July.
  • “Results may vary: what is reproducible? why do open science and who gets the credit?”, keynote talk at ISMB by Professor Carole Goble, 23 July, 9am Hall 1.
  • “What makes for a successful professional bioinformatics
    network?”, panel member at ISMB, Aleksandra Pawlik, 23 July
  • “ELIXIR”, ISMB special session panel member, Professor Carole Goble, 23 July
  • “Taverna Components: Simplifying the Construction of Workflows from Distributed Services”, poster at ISMB, Katy Wolstencroft
  • “Scientific Lenses: An Approach to Dynamically Vary the Relationships between Datasets”, Poster at ISMB, Christian Brenninkmeijer
  • “Semantic Data Annotation and RDF Extraction with RightField Spreadsheets”, Poster at ISMB, Stuart Owen

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