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4 Dec /13

Taverna Workbench 3 alpha 2 released

The myGrid team at University of Manchester are pleased to announce this second alpha of Taverna 3. This release includes the capability to save and load workflow runs as data bundles. This means that a workflow run and its provenance can be shared with other users and other installations of Taverna. The data bundle format is based on ZIP and JSON and is intended to be parsed and created by third-party applications.

This release is intended for people who are interested in trying out the new features and are happy running pre-release software. It should only be used for testing; workflows produced with this version may not be compatible with the final release version and are thus unsupported.

To download Taverna Workbench 3 alpha 2 (71 MiB):

To download Taverna Commandline alpha 2 (60 MiB):

Requirements and further details can be found in the README.txt:

Taverna 3 | Taverna
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