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20 May /14

Calling Taverna Workflows from iPython Notebook

The myGrid team are pleased to announce the release of an alpha version of a Python package that allows the running of Taverna Workflows within an iPython Notebook.

The tavernaPlayerClient package, currently at version 0.06 can be installed from PyPi. For example, using

pip install tavernaPlayerClient

The Client allows you to connect to a Taverna Player and to select and run workflows. You can use data from the iPython Notebook as inputs to the workflow run, and use the results of the run in later cells in your notebook.

A demonstration video as at http://youtu.be/QVQwSOX5S08

An example notebook is available at http://tinyurl.com/neoflwy

A more complex example showing the chaining of workflows is at http://tinyurl.com/ncw9ces

This work was done with the help of Youri Lammers  from Naturalis in the Netherlands  and Ross Mounce  from the University of Bath, UK and was partially carried out at the pro-iBiosphere Data Enrichment Hackathon – http://www.pro-ibiosphere.eu/ 

For more information, comments or questions, please contact support@mygrid.org.uk

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