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21 May /14

Taverna Player plugin for Ruby on Rails

The myGrid team is pleased to announce the release of Taverna Player.

Taverna Player is a Web-based interface (implemented as a Ruby on Rails plugin) for executing existing workflows through a Taverna Server. It can be considered analogous to playing videos on YouTube. Workflows can be run with data supplied by the creator, or with new data uploaded by the user, but the workflows themselves cannot be altered. The Taverna Player functionality can also be embedded into other HTML pages to run specific workflows with pre-defined data.

As a plugin Taverna Player will reside within your host application but requires a minimum of prerequisites for use.

Package: https://rubygems.org/gems/taverna-player

Developer documentation: http://mygrid.github.io/taverna-player/

Workflow embedding: https://github.com/myGrid/taverna-player/wiki

Source code: https://github.com/myGrid/taverna-player

An example of Taverna Player in an analysis portal is here: https://portal.biovel.eu/

For more information, comments or questions, please see http://www.taverna.org.uk/documentation/taverna-2-x/taverna-player/

or contact support@mygrid.org.uk

Best wishes,
Rob, on behalf of the myGrid team. 

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