Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

Workbench 2.4

See the release notes for details about what is new in this release. Follow the quick start guide if you are new to Taverna. Example workflows are available in the Starter Pack of the myExperiment tab within the Workbench. Service sets are available for various domains to allow you to customize services that appear in your Workbench.

Taverna 2.4 Command Line Tool is included in the Workbench bundle. It is also available as a separate stand-alone download.

If you run into issues, check the User Manual or contact us.

Taverna 2.4 for Windows

  • Installer
  • Download
  • (136 MiB)

  • Selfextracting
  • Download
  • (130 MiB)
If you have administrator rights on your machine, you can download the Windows installer. A wizard will guide you through the installation toC:\Program Filesand will add Taverna to the Start menu. If you do not have a recent Java, the wizard will also help you install the newest Java from Sun.
If you do not have administrator rights, you can download the Windows archive instead – this is simply a self-extracting 7zip archive. You can place the extracted folder wherever you like. Start Taverna by double clicking on taverna-x.y.z.exe.
Note: It has been reported to us that sometimes on Windows, if you are downloading the Taverna archive (not the Windows installer!) on a wireless network that might drop the connection unexpectedly, you may get an incomplete download. The installers should detect incomplete archives and report a failure, but to be certain you should also verify the SHA1 or MD5 checksum and download again if necessary.
Note: It is possible that the first time you start Taverna on Windows, it takes a while to start up. This may be due to an anti-virus program scanning all the jar files Taverna is loading. After this first time, Taverna should start up quicker.
If you need to make any changes to the Java parameters, such as the amount of memory allocated (by default the minimum of 500 MB or 50% of free memory), or are a developer interested in debug messages, use taverna-debug.bat instead of the executable.

Taverna 2.4 for Mac OS X

  • Disk image
  • Download
  • (176 MiB)
Download the OS X disk image. After opening the disk image, a Finder window should appear. You can then drag the Taverna application into your Application folder, or wherever you prefer to keep the application. Double-click on the installed application (not the one in the disk image) to start Taverna.
Note: Make sure that you have Graphviz installed – please check the system requirements section.
Note: On Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) you may get an error or a warning the first time you start Taverna. This is because the disk image is currently unsigned. To allow you to run Taverna, you need to change the security settings in System Preferences.

Taverna 2.4 for Linux

  • Binary
  • Download
  • (171 MB)
Download the Linux archive and unpack it using tar zxfv taverna-workbench-2.4.0.tar.gz or by double-clicking it in your desktop environment.
Note: Make sure that you have Oracle/SUN Java 1.6 JRE and Graphviz installed – please check the system requirements section.
Place the extracted folder wherever you like, start a terminal, and run ./taverna.sh to start Taverna. If you have any problems, double-check that you are using the official Sun java by running java -version.

Taverna 2.4 source code

  • Source
  • Download
  • (25 MiB)
Taverna is distributed under the LGPL 2.1 licence. Note that building Taverna using Maven will download third-party libraries distributed under other free licences.
The latest source code for Taverna can be retrieved from our Subversion repository – we also recommend you to sign up to the taverna-hackers mailing list if you are a developer.
If you want to download the source code used for this release, you can either use the Subversion tag taverna-workbench-2.4.0 or download taverna-workbench-src-2.4.0.zip.