Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

11 Mar /11

eGalaxy brings Taverna and Galaxy together via myExperiment

Kostas Karasavvas of NBIC has developed e-Galaxy. This new application is a first step towards making Galaxy and Taverna 2 more interoperable. It allows the automatic generation of a Galaxy tool from a Taverna 2 workflow. That tool can then be installed as usual in a Galaxy server. It will allow the Taverna workflow to become part of a Galaxy pipeline.

Users do not need to install e-Galaxy themselves. It is available as part of the myExperiment Web site. While browsing Taverna 2 workflows the user will see an additional link “Download as Galaxy Tool” in the download section of the workflow. The next page provides instructions (and references) as well as an option to download the current workflow as a Galaxy tool.

More information and contact details are available on the eGalaxy wiki.