Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

30 May /12

Taverna 2.4.1 patch

A patch for Taverna 2.4 is now available to install. To install the patch Start Taverna 2.4. It is best to install the patch when no workflows are being edited or run. Click “Advanced” on the top menu and select “Updates and plugins”; the Updates and plugins dialog will appear. Click “Find updates” within the [...]

8 May /12

BioVeL newsletter for Spring 2012

In this edition you will find a letter from the project coordinator, Alex Hardisty, and a general presentation of BioVeL‘s consortium. Several articles present updates on the development of the project services and workflows. The last pages are dedicated to past and upcoming events.

4 May /12

Taverna 2.4.0 Workbench and Command Line Tool released

The Taverna team are pleased to announce that Taverna 2.4.0 Workbench and the Command Line Tool are now available for download.

4 May /12

Taverna Server 2.4 release

The Taverna team are pleased to announce the release of Taverna Server 2.4. This release is a feature-complete version of the Taverna 2 Server that is provided as a basis for deployments of server-ized Taverna in a multi-user environment. This version of the Server is based on the Taverna 2.4 codebase. Detailed documentation for the [...]