Taverna has now moved to the Apache Software Foundation. For updated information, see Apache Taverna (incubating).

30 May /12

Taverna 2.4.1 patch

A patch for Taverna 2.4 is now available to install.

To install the patch

  1. Start Taverna 2.4. It is best to install the patch when no workflows are being edited or run.
  2. Click “Advanced” on the top menu and select “Updates and plugins”; the Updates and plugins dialog will appear.
  3. Click “Find updates” within the dialog. You should now see that updates are available for four parts of Taverna. You need to install all four updates for Taverna to be patched correctly. Do *not* restart Taverna until all four updates are installed.
  4. Choose “External tool service” and then click “update” on the right. The Taverna user interface may be unresponsive while the update is downloaded. Do not quit Taverna.
  5. When the update has finished, Taverna will show a dialog warning that the update will not take effect until Taverna is restarted. Do not restart Taverna yet. “External tool service” should now show that it is version 2.4.1
  6. Update “Service catalogue”, update “Services” and then update “Workbench” in a similar manner
  7. Restart Taverna.

Note that the title bar will still say Taverna 2.4.0

The patch includes:

  • A fix for a problem where the correct connection would not be made within the diagram when connecting without ports being shown
  • A change to the details for text constants so that HTML and large data will not cause problems