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24 Sep /15

BioVeL – SEEK and Taverna addressing climate change

As a followup to the BioVeL project http://www.biovel.eu/ a group of researchers (including two of us from Manchester University) submitted a showcase to the Research Data Alliance Climate Data Challenge which was accepted. Even better it will be presented during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris in December. The showcase uses a configured SEEK to run a Taverna workflow on a Taverna Server

The showcase is called "Predictive modelling of mosquito-borne diseases in Sweden" and demonstrates how predictions of climate change can be used, together with species distribution information, to predict potential future disease areas. 


You are an ecologist? Or a biodiversity scientist? You have to process large amounts of data about biodiversity? You have no experience with computer programming? You are an expert in R Script? You are a computer engineer ? BioVeL supports scientists to carry out research on biodiversity by …

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